Building a better everyday - just for you, just right

We achieve this by building global direct-to-consumer brands that win customers by solving their day-to-day problems at home in a personalized and sustainable way.

Our Story

We started Marley Spoon in 2014 to help our customers cook for their families and deal with their busy lives. We also felt that there should be a more sustainable way to do home cooking, reducing the food waste that traditional supermarket supply chains generate.

At the same time we wanted to build a great company with a culture that is defined by autonomy, transparency and accountability. We are driven by our purpose, we are ambitious, and overall we belive in principles over policies. We want every one of our team members to grow and be their best selves.


Marley Spoon Group

Marley Spoon aims to improve our customers’ lives by creating a better way to shop, cook and eat.

Our direct-to-consumer meal-kit service brings fresh ingredients with amazing tasting recipes reliably to our customers every week for a more convenient and flavorful everyday. 

Marley Spoon simply tastes better.

Dinnerly makes easy cooking and good food available for EVERYONE

Our direct-to-consumer meal-kit service brings quick, easy and great tasting recipes reliably to the customer every week at great value.
In a nutshell: Dinnerly is faster, easier and cheaper.

Chefgood is our direct-to-consumer ready-to-heat (RTH) service, that offers premium priced, high quality, healthy and nutritious RTH meals and eating solutions for our wellness and health focused customers.
 You do not have to compromise between healthy, convenient and great taste – with Chefgood you get it all.

bistroMD is our direct-to-consumer ready-to-heat (RTH) provider of doctor-designed meal plans in the United States. The leading food-as-medicine subscription service in the United States provides chef-quality ready-to-eat food, balanced nutrition, and adequate lean protein for convenience and health-conscious consumers focused on weight loss, long-term weight management, and special dietary needs, such as gluten-free, heart-healthy, diabetic, and low-sodium diets.


We operate a global business

Marley Spoon has production facilities and offices on 3 continents, operating our brands in 6 countries


Executive Team

Daniel Raab

Chief Executive Officer

Chairman of the Management Board

Jennifer Bernstein

Chief Financial Officer

Member of the Management Board

Federico Rossi

Chief Marketing Officer

Member of the Management Board

Nasreen Abduljaleel

Chief Technology and Product Officer

Member of the Management Board

Katalin Fritz

Chief Customer Officer

Rolf Weber

Chief Executive Officer Australia

Michael Hester

Chief Executive Officer United States

Daniela Marques

Chief Executive Officer Europe

Supervisory Board

Dr. Stephan Zoll

Chairman, Non-executive

Alexander Kudlich


Yehuda Shmidman